A bad relationship with food

There is no denying I have a terrible relationship with food – I understand about eating healthy, having things in moderation and keeping fit, i’m just absolutely rubbish at putting these things into practice. For most of my life (all 35 years of it) I have flipped between totally atrocious eating and diets that just aren’t sustainable! The same with exercise rather than keep up a moderately active life I switch from being all out into exercise to snoozing on the couch. Recently I decided that I didn’t want to go on anymore fad/quick fix diets but the problem I have is that I’m still overweight and unfit (how can you fix these things without dieting?).

I tried simply healthy eating on my own but it’s hard to keep up when there’s nobody around egging you on, plus it was fairly easy just to say ahh i’ve had a bad day I will just have some crisps or I will just have some ice cream (and not a small dainty portion of either). I knew that it was not just the food I was eating that had to change but my whole life and attitude to eating that needed a turn around. Some of the key things I knew that had to change were:

  • How I feel about food
  • Being Overweight
  • My attitude towards myself
  • An established fitness routine

They look simple when they are noted down in nice little bullet points but how do you go about changing how you think and forming healthy habits? I had no idea, I have failed so many times before.

Clearly what I have needed all a long is more than a diet, as that only solves 1 of the 3 issues, but I still needed help! I looked at various options:

  1. OurPath
  2. RebelFit
  3. FitGirls

I liked a lot of what I read in them all, as they all focus on more than just weight loss, but decided to go with OurPath I liked the idea of taking control or my lifestyle and changing the habits that make me eat/feel the way I do. They aren’t promising miracles in terms of speedy weight loss, which is usually what I would look for in a diet and they are also recommended by the NHS.

Starting weight – 14.1 Stone 🙁